The Hospital STUDIOS

The Hospital Studios is a unique medical themed film studio in West London. The location offers a variety of fully equipped hospital settings for filming and photo shoots.

We have created a unique experience for hospital film production

The Hospital Studios are located within West London Film Studios who provide studios and facilities for film, television, commercials and stills production.

The studios dedicated medical film sets provide ideal hospital filming locations that are equipped with modern hospital equipment presented in excellent condition. Production offices, make up areas and green rooms are all available at West London Film Studios.

Hospital ward, dressed

A&E layout

Intensive care ICU bed

Intensive care baby unit

To chat with one of our experts in medical simulations and props, please call 07719 538872, or enquire below.

Unique medical themed film studio location in West London

The location offers a variety of fully equipped hospital settings for filming and photo shoots.  Film sets include hospital ward, operating theatre, mortuary, pathology lab, reception/out patients area, birthing room, GP surgery/consulting room and ICU.

The Hospital Studios has been set up by medical simulation specialist Carlton Jarvis of Mediscene and David Burns of medical prop hire specialists Film Medical Services.  Their aim is to enable you to make your medical scenes as realistic as possible with the ease of having a modern location which is very well equipped with the relevant props.

Various flexible packages are available, including the services of Carlton Jarvis for medical simulations/advising if required.

Situated within  West London Film Studios, the location  is ideal for access both from Central London and the motorway network. The studios also have many facilities available including offices, green rooms, make up areas as well as 5 large stages .

The Hospital Location in West London studios